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Global Astronomy Month 2010
at the Virtual Telescope

April 2010 is the Global Astronomy Month (GAM2010), a full month to celebrate the Universe, keeping alive the legacy of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) and meeting friends from all around the world under the same stars

Plenty of free events will be planned and remote astronomy will play an important role. At the Virtual Telescope we are proud to support GAM2010 and we invite you to join us over the internet for several free public events events and pesonal observing sessions. See below our plans and check them often for updates!

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Public events

- 5 April 2010: Online Messier Marathon!
- 7 April 2010: "Is There Anybody Out There?"
- 11 April 2010: "Here Comes The Sun!"
- 15 April 2010: "Write Your Name in The Sky!"
- 21 April 2010: "Walking on the Moon"
- 22 April 2010: Across The Solar System
- 30 April 2010: "Cosmic Depths"
- 5 May 2010: "Write Your Name in The Sky!"


Personal Observing sessions

- 1 - 30 April 2010: "The Universe at Your Command"


For more events worldwide, check the Global Astronomy Month main site!